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There are many benefits to switching to online check printing, and the biggest ones for small business owners are the time and money savings over traditional checks ordered through the bank. Additionally beneficial are the unique check customization options that online check printing through Checkeeper affords. Plus, checks printed through Checkeeper are in your hands in seconds—not days. Change the company contact info, bank info, account and routing numbers, and design elements as often as needed. To simplify and streamline even more, use Checkeeper mailing for issuing checks promptly.

You can easily build and customize an invoice table onto each check you write with checkeeper, but sometimes you may wish to attach documentation to a check as well. Here are some precious reviews from our customers. We are pledged to make your life simple with all our features. Create invoice to your customer and send link through email. Checkeeper works with virtually every kind of check stock, from just about any country in the world.

You can send and receive checks as eChecks or by mail. also provides various payment methods like ACH, payment links, wire, etc. Hands down the BEST home check printing software I’ve used and I’ve tried just about all of them. Saves me tons of money and, although I have not used the mailed check feature yet, I think it’s awesome that it’s offered. Integrated with gusto and other major payroll providers.

The banks will cross-reference it with outgoing checks for payment. The system quickly identifies suspicious or unauthorized checks and alerts users to potential scams. Automating the Positive Pay process saves time and money, offering protection and peace of mind against fraud while enhancing financial control.

  1. Businesses can use this feature by sharing their cleared checklist with their banks.
  2. We’ve made it pretty easy to do so, along with the ability for you to adjust the user access to specific features in the application.
  3. They asked us to verify our bank account, which we of course did.
  4. Transfer money electronically from one financial institution to other.
  5. We are pledged to make your life simple with all our features.

Through one refreshingly easy, integrated platform, Gusto automates and simplifies your payroll, benefits, and HR, all while providing expert support. Gusto offers an exclusive 30-day free trial for Checkeeper customers. Preprinted checks contain details like account number, routing number, etc, which can be used for scams if stolen.

Checkeeper can print your payroll checks for you and mail them directly to individual employees’ homes or back to your office in one economical bundle for onsite distribution. Four priority mailing options and same-day turnaround time make paycheck printing and mailing as smooth and efficient as possible. When you have an unusually large order of checks—typically for customer refunds or rebates, Checkeeper can get those checks printed and mailed much faster than your office can. Simply upload your CSV file or spreadsheet with the necessary payee information (names, addresses and amounts), and have Checkeeper handle the printing and mailing for you. Have an unusually large or time-sensitive check order? A call or email to Checkeeper can get you a custom quote and quick processing.

Reliable Check Mailing Service

Printing checks shouldn’t be complicated, but banks want you to think it is. Checkeeper’s mission is to ease the pain and barriers of check printing for businesses and individuals. Checkeeper has reimagined check printing services for over 115,000 companies, bookkeepers and individuals. Checkeeper alternative, simplifies the integration process with banks and accounting software. It seamlessly connects with over 22,000 banks and financial institutions across the USA and Canada.

We have added in some extra mailing methods for you to choose from to ensure a smooth and quick delivery. We are confident you will love what this software can do for you and your business that we guarantee it. Cancel your account within 30 days and we will refund your money, down to the last penny.

You are never home, much less by a printer, so getting checks out can not only be a a pain, but near-to-impossible! Luckily, Checkeeper allows you to send checks from your laptop or smartphone in seconds. We even put your return address on the envelope so the recipient knows it came from you. Our fulfillment services will print and mail your checks for you so you never even have to pause that level of Candy Crush! Your use of our services signifies your agreement to our terms and our affiliated partners’ terms. This collaboration aims to accomplish our shared objectives through joint effort.

Your account is not authorized to purchase mailing credits if…

Checkeeper Alternative offers printable checks, eChecks, ACH, Direct Deposits, RTP, and an All-In-One Payment platform at low transaction fees. Also, customize and print checks and mail them to your payee on the same business day, just with a single click. Unlike Checkeeper app, allows users to print checks from anywhere using a printer. also provides various payment methods like ACH, wire, payment links, etc, which check keeper app doesn’t provide., the best Checkeeper alternative, lets you create and print checks in black stock paper or plain check paper using a printer from the office or home.

Simple pricing to support your business

She kept her margarita in hand as she typed out a check to her landlord from her tablet. 60 seconds later, the check was in the mail, and vacation resumed. Send your checks as a one-time printable pdf with a tracking facility.

Integration with Banks and Accounting Software

It simplifies payroll, expense tracking, check creation, and account reconciliation. Users can easily handle recurring payments, send and receive eChecks, deposit checks, and more through mobile banking, making financial tasks streamlined and effortless. Checkeeper helps us mail out over 1,300 checks each month. It was easy to upload my list of vendors, with their addresses and payment amounts, from a simple CSV file. One login to manage all of your clients and their bank accounts, including integrations with accounting platforms. Print payroll like a champ and handle client payments with ease.

Tell me how you found Checkeeper, what problems it solved for you and what’s your favorite part. I promise to read and respond (if necessary) to each and every one. All accounts meet HIPAA, SOC 2, PCI and FedRAMP standards, regulation and best-practices. Instantly create & print the deposit slip of any Bank.

Transfer money electronically from one financial institution to other. Now pay by credit card even if they don’t accept them.

Account SuspendedYour account was suspended due to suspicious activity.This is an automated process that’s done by the best trained robots. Any payments that were made have already been refunded to the card used and will appear in 5-10 business days.If you believe our robots got it wrong, please send a message to support.. I mail check and was waiting for tracking, I got this next day, I never got anything back on my card since then and the customer care never respond to my email or chat. Checkeeper app alternative,, transforms personal and business finance management with its all-in-one mobile app.

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